Thursday, September 29, 2011

Out my mind...

I must be out of my mind, because I'm already wishing I could stop taking my bcp and let things happen.  The dominant, logical side of my brain is definitely winning the argument with the mushy, irresponsible side, though.  Thankfully.  There's absolutely no way we could afford kiddo #2 (yet).  I have to wait for my man-child of a life partner (sounds more grown-up than boyfriend, doesn't it?) to realize that he's 35, not 23, and start acting like it.  Who knows when or if that will happen, but I knew he was kind of dumb about that stuff going in and I did it anyway.  *shrug*  I made my choices, and I'm happy enough with where they've led me, so I'll hang around for a while longer.  A girl can dream, though.

Baby's been sick since Friday, which is very sad.  He caught it from Chris, which is worse, because Chris pretty much refused to touch Kawika the whole week prior because he didn't want to get him sick, and he ended up sick anyway.  Usually I'm the one that catches something and brings it home, but (so far) I've managed to avoid this one.  I'll just keep taking those vitamins and cross my fingers!  I wish K wasn't sick, though, it's so freaking SAD to hear a little baby with a chest cough.  He can't cough it out, you know, so it just SITS there and sounds all rattly and is hard to get rid of.  He doesn't seem to be too bothered by it though, since he's still eating and drinking pretty well, and napping OK.  We've had some issues with him waking up at night after he's only been down for an hour or two, but I'm sure he's coughing and waking himself up, then can't get comfy enough to fall back asleep.  The last 2 nights he's slept with me, and Chris has crashed on the couch.  Everyone seems to sleep better that way, though it's probably not the healthiest thing for mine and Chris's relationship.

Also, Kawika keeps playing like normal.  He loves his jumper, and he's just as curious as ever.

What the...?  I'm gonna get this thing!

Just me and my TP...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Another year...

I celebrated my 28th birthday on Monday.  Well, celebrated is kind of exaggerating a bit, as I didn't do much to commemorate the occasion.  Kawika had his 4 month checkup in the morning and it went really well.  He weighed 17 pounds even and was 27 inches long.  That's 75th and 100th percentiles, respectively.  Doc was impressed with the consonant noises he was making and how he was able to sit with very little support.  We discussed solids and sleep, and K seems to be doing very well.

Doc says the slobber is normal... LOL

Speaking of solids, so far we've tried sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans, and pears, all of which he's pretty ambivalent about.  He was more enthusiastic about the green beans and seemed to like pears the least.  Go figure.  Tonight we try... what?  I've got bananas, peaches, and squash for him, and I'd like to get peas and plums.  Maybe bananas. This is the highlight of my day, thinking about Kawika trying a new food.  Sad?

We're pretty well settled in the new house; just hanging up art now and looking for a few finishing touches that we didn't need before, like a wall mount for our TV. My cousin is looking for a room to rent and I told her to come check out our 3rd bedroom.  We could certainly use a few hundred bucks a month and I know we could live together; she's so chill.

Work has been very busy; just trying to keep up with all the demands of my new position.  My additional boss (I can't say "new" since I still have both my "old" ones) has lots to do and not enough time to do it in, so he leans on me pretty heavily.  I enjoy it, since I eventually hope to take over his position at our location here and he can go back to managing 1 location (elsewhere).  Don't worry, that's his plan, too.

Work is kind of exciting lately because we're getting ready for our holiday party. It's a few months out, yes, but the planning and purchasing starts now and I've booked us a great location this year: Rock Bottom.  Their banquet space has pool tables, TV's, darts... their catering menu looks great, and there's a full bar downstairs for those who like to party after the party (myself included).  We're doing something a little different for door prizes this year... more on that in another post to come.  It's very exciting though!

I'm supposed to watch Kalae & Corinna's kids tomorrow night and I'm kiiiiind of dreading it.  Not because the kids are horrible or anything (they're great!) but just because I know it will be a late night and my Friday morning will arrive way too quickly and last far too long. There's no way to get Kawika home with Chris so I'm going to have him there with me all night, which will surely interrupt his routine...  There's got to be a better way to do this... maybe my mom can take Kawika to my house when Chris gets home!  Perfect.  I'm a genius!

Hey, if I can't say it, who can?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor day weekend

I had a great time over Labor Day weekend.  Chris and I took Kawika camping at the coast.  It was nice to get out of town, and even better since the sweaty heat of the city was more tolerable at the beach.  We had a comfy, sunny couple of days.  Kawika seemed to enjoy himself, though honestly, he's so laid back about everything it's hard to tell sometimes.  :)

While packing the day before, I decided he'd need a couple of hats for shade and also the chilly evenings.  I found this pom pom hat in his drawer that I'd forgotten about and stuck it on his dome to see if it fit...
Aaah!! Too cute!!
And I loved it, so I had to take a picture.  What a good sport  :)

We had a good camp site; not too much shade, not too much sun (just enough to burn me when I spent 20 minutes outside without sunblock) and our camp "neighbors" weren't horrible. 

You never know, at a camp site like that, if your neighbors will be jerks.  We went to the same campground last year (Chris's uncle reserves a group of sites every year for Labor Day weekend) and our neighbors that year were awful.  They were Mexican (nothing wrong with that!!) but they played that traditional Mexican music (Mariachi? It sounds kind of like circus music) at TOP volume into the small hours of the night.  Ugh!  Regardless of the type of music, you don't play it at max volume until 4 AM; that's just rude.

Anyway, it was very nice this year.  No crazy camp neighbors, and I think ours was the most annoying dog there (dang Chihuahua needs to learn to shut up!).  We had a good time relaxing with Chris's cousin Jamie and her family, uncle D and his friends Dave and Teresa, and my SIL's family.  

Hopefully he'll tan better than me
We took Kawika down on the beach for his first time.  I had him in the Bjorn and we walked down, looked at the water, splashed our toes in the surf... I really wanted to get a picture of K's foot prints in the wet sand so I took off his socks and got his little toes down in there... had just about got the Blackberry lined up for a good shot when our cousin's dog ran over to see what we were looking at and walked right over the prints.  Dang it!  Then Kawika started grumping (probably due to the chilly sand on his little piggies) and I wasn't going to subject him to more of the same, so we headed back to camp.

Nom nom nom... what beach?
All in all it was a great weekend!  I can't wait to take him next year when he'll actually be able to enjoy it.